Manly to Mosman Removals

From: Clontarf to Mosman | Project Duration: 2 days

Manly to Mosman Removals Project Brief

Our client, Peter called on Streamline Movers to help him move from his home on Clontarf, which is at the back of the well known Manly area to Mosman, on the other side of Spit bridge.

Peter had a lot of valuable furniture and belongings in his home and he asked Streamline Movers to fully pre-pack his contents into boxes and protection wrap his furniture to avoid any damage.

The home in Manly was quite large, consisting of four bedrooms and two large living areas, so we had a lot of work to do, especially in the packing and protecting stages.


Our Approach

Because the client had so many valuable items that needed to be moved, we had to take a lot of care and make sure that the time was taken in the beginning to think everything through.

Some of the items needed custom packaging in the form of crates to protect the items. We know from experience that this is the only way to totally ensure that the goods don’t get damaged throughout the process.

Mirrors valuable artwork had to be wrapped and we used furniguard, which is a foam product to transport the grand piano. There was a huge timber table that needed thinking to get it inside the Mosman property as it didn’t fit through the door.

Obstacles that we overcame

There were a lot of challenges on this project, however we got there in the end. From oversized items, through to the transportation of valuable goods, this Manly to Mosman removals project had it all. Some of the more significant obstacles are below:

  1. The customer had a fragile mirror and an art-deco clock that needed to be transported in a crate. We had two crates measured up to fit both pieces in perfectly and they were both successfully transported in them without any damage.
  2. The oil paintings had to be protected so we used furniguard because it has a non-stick characteristic that prevents the paint from sticking to the foam.
  3. All of the glass paintings had to be carefully bubble-wrapped to ensure that they didn’t catch any knocks that might shatter the fragile glass.
  4. The grand piano needed to be carefully wrapped in furniguard to make sure it didn’t get any marks or scratches. As you can image, piano’s are not easy to move at the best of time, let alone a grand piano.
  5. The client had a 100kg oak dining table which was incredibly hard to navigate. The weight of it alone required all hands on deck and getting it through doorways presented many challenges.
    Thankfully at the Mosman property, we were able to get the window through a large window that led into the lounge area. The table wouldn’t fit into the doorway, no matter which way we tried, so that was a blessing.

The client had all but given up on the dining table as it was proving to be a real pain. He was very happy to learn that we managed to get it in through the window. Where’s there’s a will, there’s a way!


The Outcome

The access to the house Mosman was very hard with tight stairways and doors which made it tricky to get the larger items in.

We successfully managed to get everything in eventually. We had to lift the large timber outside table onto the balcony via the neighbours’ fence, which was challenging. The large office desk fitted into the door space with literally millimetres to space.

We really went above and beyond on this Manly to Mosman removals project. The customer was very happy with our willingness to do anything. It was a high-end job that needed a great service. We kept up great communication with the client, which kept him at ease throughout the move.

Our finishing touches with wrapping expensive artwork and household items into boxes was exceptional. We really did take extreme care of everything. The customer was very impressed by how efficiently we were moving, especially unpacking items on the 2nd day to have everything done by 430pm.

All of the furniture was in place, the beds were made and contents packed away in boxes were setup in their rightful places.

Peter Davis

Peter Davis

Home Owner

Geoff and the team are a pleasure to work with.

Nothing is too much trouble and they take real pride in their work. I highly recommend them.

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