Sydney to Coffs Harbour Removals

Project Duration: 2 days | Streamline Movers

Sydney To Coffs Harbour Removals Project Brief

Sean and Rachel were looking for a Sydney to Coffs Harbour removals company they could trust with handling the contents of their home during a long-haul journey.

They needed to move all of their furniture and other household items from Freshwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to Sawtell on the North Coast, which is not far from the more commonly known, Coffs Harbour.

The couple was moving out of a neat and tidy 3 bedroom home in the Northern Beaches and they required a professional moving service to pack their household items into boxes.

Streamline Movers’ team carefully wrapped delicate furniture and other household items in protective padding to ensure a safe trip up the coast.

We also loaded everything onto our truck for an early morning drive up to Sawtell for delivery to their new home.

Our Approach

Sean and Rachel were specifically looking for a professional moving service that provided great customer service. Apparently, the last few moves didn’t go well with other companies.

To ensure everything ran smoothly, our team made a point of communicating every step of the way, which meant regularly staying in touch with the clients leading up to the move and keeping them up to speed as the project progressed.

We really went over and above to ensure that Sean and Rachel were well informed and feeling at ease.

Obstacles that we overcame

Sean and Rachel’s last two moves with other moving companies didn’t go so well and they were recommended to Streamline Movers through friends of theirs that had used our services in the past.

All-in-all, this removals job from Sydney to Coffs Harbour / Sawtell went really smoothly. The only real issue we encountered was when we got to the home in Sawtell, we couldn’t get the couch up the stairwell that leads into the lounge area.

To get around this problem, Streamline Movers leading team member created a hoist out of removalist ties and we pulled the sofa up over the balcony that was 2 stories high.

We often run into scenarios similar to this, therefore we regard ourselves as balcony lift specialists.

It made the customer very impressed to see that we would go above and beyond to get their sofa up into the lounge room and of course, our team made sure the sofa was protected and it all went well.

The clients were amazed.


Sean and Rachel’s Sydney to Coffs Harbour removals project took 2 days to complete.

Our work helped ensure that the clients were able to settle into their new home without any fuss.

We achieved the following specific results with this NSW east coast house move:

  1.  Hoisted sofa over the balcony which saved the clients from buying a new sofa.
  2.  We arrived in Sawtell 30 minutes before the clients were ready to unload. Most of the time it’s the other way around – the client is normally waiting for the removalist. Needless to say, they were very happy we were on time.
  3.  The clients were very impressed with the removalists personal approach to the job. Our team is always well mannered, strong, fit and able guys, willing to do anything to get the job done to the clients liking.
Sean McBean

Sean McBean

Home Owner

We had a wonderful experience with Streamline Movers.

They made our move less stressful due to the professionalism and diligence with their process. They made it so easy. They went above and beyond, we would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to move locations.

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