Wahroonga to Waverton Removals

From: Wahroonga (Sydney upper North Shore) to Waverton (Sydney lower North Shore)| Project Duration: 2 days

Wahroonga to Waverton Removals Project Brief

Streamline Movers were engaged by the property owner, Melissa, to help with her 2-day Wahroonga to Waverton Removals project in 2018.

The home in Wahroonga was a huge 5 bedroom mansion that had been the family home for many years. Over time, they had acquired many lovely items, which were going to require delicate handling in the moving process.

Things like antique furniture, precious artwork and fragile mirrors all had to be handled with expertise and care, which is why Streamline Movers were engaged. Also due to our excellent reviews online.

Melissa wanted a full packing service, which involved our team spending an entire day carefully wrapping delicate and precious items making them ready for the day to follow.

Our Approach

Our client Melissa was very concerned about the transportation of her fragile mirrors and paintings from the Wahroonga home to the new Waverton residence. For good reason, I might add as they were very old and valuable.

Normally, when we travel long distances we use a product called furniguard, which is a foam protective product that has a non-stick surface. It’s perfect for transporting artwork long distances. Because however, Melissa was so worried about her valuables, we decided to take the extra precaution and furniguard her artwork for the short distance.

As we were engaged for a complete packing service, we had the removal team there on day one, preparing everything for the following day. This included wrapping everything and applying specific protection to the items that require it (artwork and paintings, etc).

Obstacles that we overcame

Streamline Movers really saved the day on this project.

We had to take out a very large 8-foot high screen door that was put in by joiners, which they refused to come and dismantle. If the door couldn’t be dismantled, then it had to stay and it was really stressing Melissa out as she wanted it to go with her to the new property.

We assessed the situation and decided that we could take it apart, so we carefully dissembled it, piece by piece and packed it into the van. The client loved that we helped her out, despite it not being our job. It’s all part of the friendly Streamline Movers service 😉

It didn’t end there either. Melissa had engaged a handyman to come and take down some of the paintings in the home, so we could move them. On the morning of, he called up and said he couldn’t come due to personal reasons.

We brought in an extension ladder and pulled the paintings down ourselves with no problem. Once again, the client was ecstatic and loved that we went the extra mile to help navigate around what could have been a stressful and expensive episode.

The Outcome

Needless to say, Melissa was thrilled with the way that this Wahroonga to Waverton removals project turned out. The Large screen door and the 4 metre high paintings were not our responsibility, however we are always willing to test ourselves and rise to the challenge.

It makes it all worthwhile, seeing the customer so happy. We wrapped and protected all antique items for transit using furnigard (export wrap) for extra protection from Wahroonga to Waverton, which we would normally do as it was only a short distance, but we knew it would make the customer relaxed, so we did it anyway. We usually just use our own truck padding for short distances but it was great to see the client at ease knowing it got the full service of safety in transit.

Since this job 5 months ago, Melissa has recommended us to 4 friends plus her own parents who we are moving in December 2018. This is great knowing we did such a good job that she can have the confidence to recommend us to everyone close to her. We appreciate everything our customers do to help us.

Hear what Melissa says about Streamline Movers in this awesome testimonial!

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